Shellfish Marketing Guide


Hot of the “presses” a resource for shellfish harvesters and growers in Rhode Island on Marketing Your Shellfish. Apublication of RI Sea Grant and the Coastal Resources Center at the University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography.

Shellfish Marketing Guide


Sea Grant-Funded Research Projects 2018-2020

  • How Bacteria Influences the Production of Domoic Acid
  • Impacts of the Block Island Wind Farm on Recreational Fishing
  • Nitrogen from the Sediment May Fuel Harmful Algal Blooms in Narragansett Bay
  • Rhode Island Sound’s Role in Harmful Algal Blooms in Narragansett Bay
  • Impact of Offshore Wind on Home Values
  • Satellite Imaging of Harmful Algal Blooms

Sea Grant-Funded Research Projects 2016-2018

  • Finding New Probiotic to Fight Lobster Shell Disease Outbreak
  • Effects of Climate on Declining Winter Flounder in Narragansett Bay
  • What is the Limit for Oysters in RI Waters Now and in the Future?
  • Pathogens, Nitrogen, and Changing Climate: Impacts on Narragansett Bay shellfish
  • Fishermen-Based Research Fleet for Quahog Management
  • Where is Vibrio Now and Where is it Going? Protecting the health of oysters and consumers

Sea Grant-Funded Research Projects 2014-2016

  • Whelk Ecology
  • Oyster Aquaculture and Water Quality
  • Quahog Larval Migration and Distribution
  • Blue Mussel Disease and Commercial Culture
  • Perceptions of Aquaculture: Support & Opposition
  • Recreational & Commercial Uses of Coastal Salt Ponds
  • Aquaculture Practices & Subaqueous Soils

Kelp Aquaculture efforts [coming soon]