Sea Grant-Funded Research Projects 2018-2020

  • How Bacteria Influences the Production of Domoic Acid
  • Impacts of the Block Island Wind Farm on Recreational Fishing
  • Nitrogen from the Sediment May Fuel Harmful Algal Blooms in Narragansett Bay
  • Rhode Island Sound’s Role in Harmful Algal Blooms in Narragansett Bay
  • Impact of Offshore Wind on Home Values
  • Satellite Imaging of Harmful Algal Blooms

Sea Grant-Funded Research Projects 2016-2018

  • Finding New Probiotic to Fight Lobster Shell Disease Outbreak
  • Effects of Climate on Declining Winter Flounder in Narragansett Bay
  • What is the Limit for Oysters in RI Waters Now and in the Future?
  • Pathogens, Nitrogen, and Changing Climate: Impacts on Narragansett Bay shellfish
  • Fishermen-Based Research Fleet for Quahog Management
  • Where is Vibrio Now and Where is it Going? Protecting the health of oysters and consumers

Sea Grant-Funded Research Projects 2014-2016

  • Whelk Ecology
  • Oyster Aquaculture and Water Quality
  • Quahog Larval Migration and Distribution
  • Blue Mussel Disease and Commercial Culture
  • Perceptions of Aquaculture: Support & Opposition
  • Recreational & Commercial Uses of Coastal Salt Ponds
  • Aquaculture Practices & Subaqueous Soils

Kelp Aquaculture efforts [coming soon]